Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Must Know About

Does your current bathroom design make you feel uncomfortable in some way? Do you feel the need to remodel your bathroom but do not where to start? This article will give you with some ideas on how to remodel your bathroom so that you could create your own bathroom design. Bathroom renovation requires serious planning and preparation. You need to gather ideas from other homes or through the internet. You can start by creating a layout first. You may also revise other people’s layout but make sure to add a touch of your originality. After the layout, you need to set an estimated budget for the entire cost of the renovation. If you are concerned with the cost, you may need to revise your plans and go for cheaper materials. However, a smart way to renovate your bathroom without spending too much money in one go is to replace parts of your bathroom at a time. You can start by replacing old taps and showers, and other bathroom essentials.

Space should always be one of your primary concerns when planning for a bathroom renovation. There should be enough space between every bathroom item to create that comfortable feel. You should also consider installing space-saving bathroom furniture to prevent overcrowding, especially if your bathroom is not that spacious.

There are modern bathroom designs nowadays that seem quite unconventional. The idea of no walls between the bathroom and bedroom is already becoming a trend. You can read more of the topic at

There are easy bathroom remodel ideas that you could incorporate on your renovation plans. We have a detailed guide for materials such as tile, flooring, countertops, toilets, and paints. Aside from that, you can also get assistance with finding the most reliable remodelling contractors out there. You may also get inspiration from our list of great bathroom makeovers. Browse through various bathtub and shower ideas to find the right fit for your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovations may be costly at times but it does not have to be. The following are some methods to assist you in staying on your budget while maintaining modern bathroom ideas in mind:

What bathroom layouts will work best for you?

Before the actual renovation, you should consider the usual people who usually use your bathroom. If you have little kids, you may need to install a bathtub to make bathing exciting for them. The height of the shower should also be according to the height of the usual users. If multiple people are using the bathroom simultaneously, you should consider separating the shower and toilet from the sink.

You should start planning on where to install the bathroom essentials first. You can start with the position of the shower. Make sure that you take into account the direction of the water flow from the shower. If you are planning for a closed-in shower, you should make sure that there is enough space for the sliding doors.

Always keep in mind to improve or at least maintain the functionality of your bathroom. Avoid adding items or accessories that are not really that useful in the bathroom. Small rooms should have enough space for the necessary furniture. Read more here.

If your current shower head is already old, you should consider getting an upgrade. It is one of the simplest ways to start creating your own bathroom design.

Bathroom tiles should also be taken into serious consideration. The current trend for bathroom tile designs is simple and classic colours. White tiles still provide that clean and comfortable feel in your bathroom.

Here are some of the things that you should look into:

  1. Install Additional Mirror Walls
  2. Toilets that Are Mounted on The Wall
  3. Lose the Bathtub
  4. Install Shower Panels
  5. Upgraded Flooring and Shower Heads
  6. Vanity Mirror and Sink Upgrade
  7. Include Small Cabinets or Shelves
  8. Sliding Doors Instead of Swing Doors
  9. Combination of Light-coloured Walls and Dark Tiles
  10. Addition of Accent Wall

The water flow from the shower can be quite tricky to plan. You may need the assistance of a plumber in some cases. However, if you have carefully considered where you should position your shower, you can already anticipate the water flow. Non-slip tiles are a must during bathroom renovations. It is also recommended to create a large shower area instead of installing a bathtub.

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Affordable Bathroom Renovation Under $10,000

You can browse online and search for the latest trends in bathroom design that are cost-efficient but still look stylish and modern.

Updating your bathroom design is one sure way to increase the selling value of your property. Although you will need to set aside a good amount of budget for the renovation process, the result can be highly advantageous, especially if you are considering on selling your property. It is an investment that every homeowner should take at some point. There are also bathroom renovation designs for people who are on a tight budget but still consider on improving the appearance of their bathroom.

If you cannot afford the services of professional remodelers, you can always perform minor bathroom renovations on your own. If you have experience with painting and tile replacement, you can start with redesigning your bathroom walls and flooring. It is recommended to use light colours for your wall paint and bathroom tiles. You may also try contrasting colours for both elements. There are inexpensive tile paints available that are very easy to use. Refer from the original post here.

Here are simple things that you can do if you are on a really tight budget for renovation:

  1. You can start by replacing your old tap ware with a modern approach. There are different styles of tap ware available today, such as brass, gold, and chrome. Black-coated tap wares are on top of the trend.
  2. An all-white bathroom is highly recommended if you want a fresh and clean environment in your bathroom. You can add accent colours to some of the furniture to create a more modern approach instead of that classic feel. You may also utilize backdrops in some areas if necessary.
  3. Large format tiles are also becoming a trend. They are easier to install that small ones. Large tiles are also less-susceptible to grouts. They are also cheaper than small subway tiles.
  4. You may also incorporate a minimalist design on your bathroom. Instead of adding several furniture and accessories that might seem useful, you can focus on the essentials instead. A simple sink, mirror, toilet, shower, and rug can generate more space for more comfort. It is less-costly and is still considered as stylish as modern designs.
  5. Very old bathrooms might need a total makeover instead of partial renovations. You may need to invest in installing sliding doors and tower rails to produce a modern bathroom design.
  6. LED lights are highly recommended in upgrading your bathroom. LED lights consume less energy than standard ones. They also light up your vanity mirrors more effectively.
  7. If there is an element in your current bathroom design that does not seem to fit your bathroom renovation design, you should consider completely replacing it with a new one. To avoid spending too much money in one go, start with the most important ones first.

You can design your own fixtures and fittings without the help of professional designers. You can get ideas from other re-modelers online in creating a layout for your new bathroom design. You should purchase the necessary accessories and furniture for your bathroom before you start with the renovation. It is wise to keep an eye on sales and auctions for great buys. You may even be fortunate to find a pre-owned bathroom accessory at a much lower cost. In order to avoid spending money for plumbing services, you should make sure to regularly maintain the configuration of your bathroom. Read more about these tips.

Adding wallpapers is the quickest way to hide blemished walls in your bathroom. You can utilize trendy metallic wallpaper that can reflect light back in the room. Because wallpapers can easily be replaced, you can update your wallpaper once in a while if you want. If you find yourself changing your wallpapers quite often, it is recommended to use cheap wallpapers instead.

The bathroom should be a place to find comfort and recharge. It is one of the most used rooms in the home so it is just practical and reasonable to update the design of your bathroom. You can actualize your dream bathroom design in just a few easy steps. If you have ample budget for the renovation, it is best to get help from professional bathroom remodelers instead.

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Small Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom designs for small bathrooms can be quite trickier than spacious ones. Because of the limited, you will need to prioritize on adding the essential bathroom furniture first. You would need to choose space-saving items in order to create a seemingly spacious bathroom design. Every element in a bathroom design should be functional in some way lest it should not be incorporated in the actual renovation. You can browse through our list of top products for small bathrooms to get additional furniture ideas for your bathroom design.

You should consider adding small sinks, vanities, and toilets to your bathroom. It is highly recommended to install a vanity that has a built-in storage for more functionality. Efficient storage is critical for bathrooms with very limited space. Some bathroom accessories should be kept in a storage area to prevent from overcrowding.

If you are considering adding a bathtub in your bathroom but you are worrying about the space, do not fret. There is still a reliable way. There are many manufacturers nowadays that produce small-sized bathtubs. Adding a glass panel instead of a shower curtain and rod can save you more space for your bathtub.

A modern bathroom design definitely enhances the interior appearance of your home. Therefore, you should get every detail right when planning for a bathroom renovation. If you need more tips in creating that modern bathroom design without spending too much money, you have come to the right area. Read more here.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Adding storage – Open shelves add more functionality and are more trendy than the usual bathroom cabinets.
  2. Adding functionality – Always make sure to enhance the functionality of your bathroom. Avoid adding bathroom accessories that are not that useful for the daily users. Do not over clutter your bathroom with too much furniture or accessories.
  3. Plan your palette – If you are considering on repainting your bathroom, make sure that to choose the right theme. Painting can take some time to complete so make sure to plan it ahead of the actual renovation. It is highly advisable to use simple and classic colours to maintain that comfortable environment.

White bathrooms are the current trend for modern bathroom designs. It is elegant, clean, and simple and can create that luxurious feel if the right elements are included.

Every element of the bathroom design impacts a great factor to the overall bathroom appearance. Taps, towel rails, shower screens, and the right fixtures should be carefully selected in planning for a bathroom renovation. There are various selections of tap materials today, including brass, chrome, silver, and gold. Just make sure to choose a material that would complement most of your bathroom design.

You always make good use of the space in your bathroom, especially if it is not too spacious. However, always keep in mind to avoid over-crowding as it could destroy that comfortable feel. There is too much to accomplish in small bathroom renovations in order to turn it into a grand makeover. If you feel that you need more space for your bathroom to incorporate all the ideas you have, you should consider getting a total bathroom remodeling. You may need the services of professional re-modelers for such projects. You can view more tips for bathroom renovation ideas online.

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